"Winning His Omega"

by Leann Ryans

Red never expected to be sold, but not everyone has the perfect family.
An Alien Omegaverse Romance
# Aliens
# Steamy
# Sci-Fi
# Erotic Romance
# Paranormal
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When she's rescued from a horrible fate, she doesn’t have a home to return to, so when she’s offered a chance to do the work she loves, she refuses to risk it all for a fling with the boss--even if he looks like pure sin and drives her hormones wild. Something about the fiery new mechanic draws Rainor in, and if he can't have her, no one can. He won’t give up no matter how many times the little omega blows him off. He always gets what he wants. When a pirate attack threatens their ship and Red’s heat comes early, will it finally break their stalemate and force them to admit their attraction could mean forever? ***This is Book 3 in the Sci-fi Omegaverse series, The Legion Omegas. It can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed after The Omega Prize and Saving the Omegas.***

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